Matt T:

Matt T is a 25 year old male living in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. He works as a Policy Analyst and enjoys writing and following sports in his free time. He played a bit of competitive basketball and volleyball a few years ago, but now sticks to the recreational stuff.

The leagues that he follows most closely are the NBA and the NFL. Although he lives in a hockey crazed town, he follows the local team (the Oilers) and the NHL, but not with the same passion as the others. The CFL is off limits. Once he started playing in an NFL Fantasy League a few years ago he has been unable to follow Canadian football after tasting the much better product.

When it comes to the NBA, he has had a very tough time picking a singular team to root for. Sadly, by default, he will always cheer on the Toronto Raptors. Partially because they are the only team in Canada, but more due to the fact that they have been the team that is most consistently broadcasted in Edmonton for his viewing. Other than that, he just wants a good hard fought game to watch.

The NFL is another story. While watching the Rex Grossman led Chicago Bears go to the Super Bowl a few years back, Matt found a team to root for. A back-to-the-basics team that plays hard defense and has a crappy quarterback. Things are much the same today, but he still singles the Bears out as the team to cheer for.

Follow Matt on Twitter: @MattFOTB

Email: matt.townley9@gmail.com

The Seanz:

The Seanz (sean) is a 17 year old male living just outside of Edmonton, Alberta. He is a high school student in his last year hoping to get accepted to post secondary next year. He plays volleyball competitively and watches a lot of sports in his spare time. His favorite teams are the Edmonton Oilers and the Toronto Blue Jays. He enjoys watching the NFL and NBA but doesn’t have a favorite team in either league.

He is fairly new to this whole writing business but is really enjoying it. He hopes people enjoy his work and hopes to write a few good articles in his time.

Follow Seanz on twitter: @seantownley

Greg Townley:

Greg Townley is a 21 year old male student also currently living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  He has played sports all his life, dabbling in soccer and hockey but mainly focusing on basketball and volleyball.  He is currently following the NHL, NBA, NFL and occasionally the MLB if the Jays are hitting home runs. His favorite teams in the respective leagues are Edmonton Oilers, Toronto Raptors, New England Patriots and as previously mentioned the Toronto Blue Jays. His writing is by no means professional analysis but he hopes he can bring a creative spin on the top headlines and events of the sporting world.

If you enjoying the creative styling of Greg you can follow him on Twitter: @GregFOTB

Other writers to come…

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