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It May Be Time For The Toronto Raptors To Let Bryan Colangelo Go

July 9, 2012 Leave a comment

Happier times for Toronto Raptors’ GM Bryan Colangelo

Bryan Colangelo, 47-year-old son of basketball mogul Jerry Colangelo, has been the general manager of the Toronto Raptors since February of 2006. Since that time Colagnelo has secured his second Executive of the Year Award, taken the Raptors to the playoffs in the first two of his six years with the organization, and accumulated a .433 win percentage over 476 regular season games.

While Colangelo was previously praised during his time as General Manager for the Phoenix Suns, for managerial moves that acquired two-time MVP Steve Nash and the drafting of Shawn Marion and Amare Stoudemire, his time in Toronto has been much more contentious. His contract with the Raptors is up after this season and in light of his recent off-season maneuvers I have my doubts whether Colangelo is the right man for the job of getting the team competitive again.

There seem to be two schools of thought in the NBA of how management should piece together a winning team: 1) through the draft; or 2) by trading or signing for star talent. Being in the most northerly city in the NBA, not to mention the only city outside of the US, Toronto has built in challenges for any GM. Generally, players are not intrinsically drawn to sign free agency contracts with Toronto as a destination to live. Other places like Miami, LA, and New York are blessed in this sense. Read more…


Quick Thoughts on Steve Nash’s Upcoming Free Agency

June 29, 2012 Leave a comment

I try to look at the free angency decision that Steve Nash has to make this summer from his point of view:

– He grew up in Victoria/Vancouver area
– He has lived in Texas/Arizona for most of his professional life
– He lives in Manhattan during the summers

Ok, so being near the end of his career I would assume he would make his next decision by choosing between (a) winning and (b) lifestyle/money. My completely uninformed top choices for him would include:

– Toronto: they might be able to pay him, but he would be going to a new city which, although it is Canada, he is not getting anywhere closer to “home” .It would be as if I lived in the states for 20 years then I moved to Halifax to be closer to Edmonton…. Also there is no chance Toronto is winning anything any time soon. The only reason someone could make an argument for it is that he is now affiliated with Basketball Canada which is in Toronto, but hell, if he is going to be doing that post-career why bother moving there now??
– New York: They probably won’t be able to pay him much, they don’t have a realistic chance of winning a title (but more so than Toronto or Phoenix), but it is his preferred place to live.
– Phoenix: they can pay him the most money, he has a comfortable lifestyle, but no chance in hell of winning.
– Miami: Best chance of winning, Miami wants him, very limited money.

When I look at these I would say he probably chooses Miami or Phoenix. He is either going to want to win, or get paid. He can spend all the time he wants in Toronto and NY when his career is over (or during the extended off-seasons he will have if he stays in Phoenix).

I don’t see much of an argument for Toronto despite Colagelo putting on the very public full-court press which is going to make him look like a fool when Nash doesn’t come to the Raptors.

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Full Report Card on Vancouver’s Suitability as an NBA Relocation Option

February 21, 2011 1 comment


If NBA commissioner David Stern’s recent interview on Bill Simmons’ BS Report is any indication, the NBA has been doing a little exploration of the Pacific Northwest, and they’re seriously considering cheating on one of their uglier franchises to get a little rainy action with a pretty Canadian city. Read more…

Mr. Sunshine and the Upcoming NBA All-Star Game

February 9, 2011 1 comment

Big relief this week.  My first attempt at an article did not get me fired from this voluntary position, and that means that I get to talk about a couple topics that are of much more interest to me than the Super Bowl.

To start off, I want to say how much I’m looking forward to Mr. Sunshine debuting on Wednesday night at 9:30PM ET on ABC.  (Attention ABC and all other media sources: I am always open to shameless, disgusting sponsorship inserts for very little monetary compensation.  Think about it…the 100 glazed eyeballs viewing this are probably more than FlashForward ever had.)

The premise of the show is that Matthew Perry plays a middle-aged manager of a mediocre sports arena in San Diego.  I know for many of you this idea probably sounds boring or unmemorable, but I’m telling you it could be the breakout series of the year if this idea is handled properly. Click here for the full rundown