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Best of FOTB – Volume 1

March 7, 2012 Leave a comment

In First Off The Bench’s first year, we managed to unleash about 50 articles into the wild. We’re proud of the effort our writers (mostly Matt) put in to keeping the site active, and we’ve enjoyed making a connection with some random sports fans across the globe. Here are our picks for the “essential” articles from Year 1 of FOTB, sorted by author.

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Qatar World Cup 2022: More in common with Mr. Burns than anyone thought?

March 25, 2011 3 comments

Yesterday, the BBC ran an article describing a new tactic of Qatar’s World Cup 2022 committee to mitigate some of the criticisms the event is already feeling. When FIFA awarded Qatar with the 2022 World Cup, the world’s football community was quick to point out some serious qualms. Some of these included the tiny size of the country, the fact that almost none of the infrastructure needed to host the event currently exists, the weakness of Qatar’s national team which will get an automatic bid, and the volatile state of the Middle East. One of the biggest concerns though, has been the fact that temperatures in the summer months (the time of the year that the World Cup is hosted) have been known to reach 50 degrees Celsius!

In response to this, some Qatar thinkers have asked: what would work better to maintain the open atmosphere of a football stadium while controlling the air temperature better than Artificial Clouds?? Read more…

The Issue Between Deron Williams and Jerry Sloan: Sideburns

February 27, 2011 5 comments

At first, I just thought it was a bowlcut.

The NBA trade deadline was last Thursday and there were so many players, future draft picks and money moving between teams that I don’t even want to attempt to analyze who the winners and losers were. But there was one move that happened just before deadline that really made me think. The trade between the Utah Jazz and the New Jersey Nets raises question; “did the tension between Deron Williams and Jerry Sloan push both of them away from the Jazz?”. Whenever I think about Deron Williams, a different question comes to my mind; “where are Deron William’s sideburns?”. After doing a little bit of research, I think the two questions are more interrelated than anyone has previously considered, and the answer to the second question may help us answer the first one. Read more…