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Rob Ryan Hair Cut FAIL

October 14, 2012 Leave a comment

Last year’s Rob is not happy with 2012 Rob’s new hair cut.

Since joining the Dallas Cowboys in January 2011, Rob Ryan has unofficially become most visually available Defensive Coordinator in the NFL. There are a few factors that weigh into this illustrious title that Rob has secured, including his outspoken NFL family lineage of Buddy Ryan and current New York Jets coach Rex Ryan, but I think the biggest factor is his crazy wolf-man hair.

When the color commentators of prime time games in which the Cowboys were getting killed (there were a few last year), the cameras were at least able to focus in on Rob to grab the audience’s attention. Anything to detract from hearing John Gruden slobber over Tony Romo’s footwork in an attempt to convince Jerry Jones that he is the right man for the next Cowboys’ head coaching job.

While watching a few minutes of the Ravens & Cowboys game today I saw Rob’s new hair-do and I had to find out what happened. I guess, according to this article, he cut it for a nonprofit that uses that hair for children who have lost their hair, a noble cause yes, but there are some issues.

1) He looks like a 70-year-old woman.
2) He didn’t cut it short enough for the nonprofit to use properly.

All of this equals FAIL.

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