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2011 NFL Week Two Podcast: Part 2 of 2

September 15, 2011 Leave a comment

In Part 2, Matt, Greg and Cody continue to talk all about the new NFL season. They look forward to the match ups in week 2 and try to help Cody out in his pick-the-winners contest.

Listen to the podcast through the link below or search “First Off The Bench” in the iTunes Store. Free downloads for all!!

Sept 14, 2011 NFL pod (part 2)


The Emotional Hedge Bet

February 16, 2011 2 comments

Gambling is a dangerous game to start with—and when you start looking into hedging bets based on past bets and existing bets in play, it gets even more cluttered. While watching the 2011 Super Bowl, a hedging idea came to mind. It may not be a  completely original idea, but I can expand on it and add a new flavor. Read more…

Super Bowl 2011 Prop Bets: Recap

February 9, 2011 4 comments

The Super Bowl is over and as it is already an afterthought in most people’s minds; the real motivation for caring who won or lost is dependent on who had how much money on the outcome. One of the hilarious things about the Super Bowl (other than the many quirks that Kai pointed out in his article) is the fact that people bet on so much more than just the outcome of the game.

To the chagrin of some gamblers, Christina had her hair "down and straight" not "up and curly"

Proposition gambling bets (better known as prop bets) is where you can wager money that almost any event will or will not occur at some point in time. When this is applied to the mega-event that is the Super Bowl, you are presented with well over 300 different scenarios which you can wager on. The subject of what you can bet on may at first seem laughable (Christina Aguilera’s hair, see right), but they become more intriguing as you make your way down the list and discover bets such as “Will Ben Roethlisberger be seen hitting on Fergie at halftime?” and “Will the football hit the jumbo-tron during play?”. Read more…