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NCAA March Madness Methodology – Battle of The Alumni

March 14, 2012 1 comment

And this years winner is……. Burt Reynolds! Yes, seriously, Burt Reynolds wins. Ok well maybe not but the school he once attended is going to win. And that school is Florida State.

I’ve always gotten along well with Texans. You’ve got to.

Ok now to explain where I’m coming from. My methodology last year of using actual basketball stats to try and work some sort of system out. That didn’t go so well. I ended up with a whooping 55 points and a third place finish in our bloggers cup. Thats why this year, I’ve decided to throw basketball skill out the window and do something more interesting. My new methodology is to find famous alumni (or anyone who attended but maybe didn’t quite finish all of their degree) from each school and match them up head to head, who would I rather spend a day with. Its totally irrelevant to basketball but it will find me a sure winner.  Read more…


2011 NFL Season Non-Bandwagon Underdogs: Tennessee Titans & Minnesota Vikings

September 9, 2011 Leave a comment

With the extreme hype swirling around the return of the NFL, mostly due to a summer of lockouts and the knowledge that the NBA probably isn’t coming back any time soon, the sports media world has been ripe with underdog projections.

One of the great things about the NFL compared to some of the other North American professional sports leagues is that random teams can ‘pop’ from season-to-season, going from relative obscurity one year to winning their division and a playoff berth the next (Kansas City last year and Miami before them). Most NFL followers know this phenomenon is bound to happen again this year and many are making projections as to which team is going to ‘pop’. Read more…

Good Bye NFL Lockout. Hello Player Transactions and Fantasy Football!

August 1, 2011 3 comments

The end of the NFL lockout was accompanied by a flurry of player movement throughout the league. With the season to start up as originally scheduled these transactions bring new hope to fans that only a short month ago had no idea if the NFL was even going to be playing. Not only do the personnel changes shake things up for the actual teams it (more importantly to some) has huge implications on the upcoming fantasy league drafts in late August and early September.

I am going to go over some of the recent moves that were made by teams in the NFL, but I am not going to talk about the validity or “thinking” behind the football-decisions that were made; instead I am going to talk about how relevant the moves were in terms of beating your friends in fantasy leagues this year. Read more…