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Welcome Back NBA! : Top Ten Reasons to be Happy the Lockout is Over

November 29, 2011 3 comments

Just one of the few things I expect to happen now that the NBA is back.

With the seemingly imminent return of the NBA, starting Christmas Day 2011, I would like to quickly rejoice in celebration. In doing so I want to list out the top ten things that I am glad that we, as NBA fans, are NOT going miss out on this year due to the inflated egos of Mr. David Stern and Mr. Billy Hunter. These are things that couldn’t just happening in any NBA season, past or present, and to an extent represent the mass media popularity that has taken the league by storm in the past few years. With massive superstars and TV personalities the NBA has become so much more than just the game that is played on the court and the off-court stuff is what everyone would really lose out on if there was a season ending lockout. Read more…


2011 NFL Season Non-Bandwagon Underdogs: Tennessee Titans & Minnesota Vikings

September 9, 2011 Leave a comment

With the extreme hype swirling around the return of the NFL, mostly due to a summer of lockouts and the knowledge that the NBA probably isn’t coming back any time soon, the sports media world has been ripe with underdog projections.

One of the great things about the NFL compared to some of the other North American professional sports leagues is that random teams can ‘pop’ from season-to-season, going from relative obscurity one year to winning their division and a playoff berth the next (Kansas City last year and Miami before them). Most NFL followers know this phenomenon is bound to happen again this year and many are making projections as to which team is going to ‘pop’. Read more…

Canada’s Election 2011: Take a page from the NFL’s rulebook

April 3, 2011 2 comments

Can Canada learn from the NFL?

On March 26, 2011, Canada’s Liberal, New Democratic, and Bloq Quebecois parties voted against the annual budget proposed by the ruling minority Conservative Party. In result, Parliament lost confidence in the ruling party and called an election. This is the fourth election in seven years, which were held in 2004, 2006, 2008, and now 2011. Read more…

Matt’s NCAA Basketball Tournament Methodology: The Bitter Bracket

March 15, 2011 4 comments

I have been following and picking winners for the NCAA finals basketball tourney for about 5 years now, and I have come to learn a few things. I know that my time involved with this isn’t anywhere near as long as most of the die-hard American college sports lovers out there, but as a Canadian basketball fan with absolutely no reason to have an attachment to any US school team, I hope I can bring my unbiased observations to the table in a helpful way. The theme of my methodology this year is bitterness. You may ask why, and my answer will focus around the fact that I have tried the whole “getting attached to an underdog” and the “just pick a team and going with it” for the last few years and I have repeatedly been disappointed. That, among other reasons, will be explained below. Read more…

Edmonton Oilers 2011 Trade Deadline, Hemsky And Penner

February 23, 2011 1 comment

Right now the Oilers hold two of the biggest trade targets approaching this years trade deadline. Ales Hemsky and Dustin Penner.


Hemsky Breaking Through The San Jose Defense

I have always loved Hemsky for his ability to dangle around any defender he wants, and his ability to make even the crappiest players *cough* Shawn Horcoff *cough* look like actual NHL players. He can bring your team back from any deficit, most famously in game 6 of the ’06 playoffs vs Detroit when he scored 2 goals along with playoff hero Fernando Pisani to come back from 3-0, win the game, and clinch the series. He is also one of the best passers in the game, making him a key player on the Oilers. But that’s when he is healthy. He has never played a full 82 game season with his shortest season coming last year when he missed 60 games. Its no wonder the Oilers were so terrible with their best player only playing 22 games. In those 22 games he had 22 points. Read more…

Mr. Sunshine and the Upcoming NBA All-Star Game

February 9, 2011 1 comment

Big relief this week.  My first attempt at an article did not get me fired from this voluntary position, and that means that I get to talk about a couple topics that are of much more interest to me than the Super Bowl.

To start off, I want to say how much I’m looking forward to Mr. Sunshine debuting on Wednesday night at 9:30PM ET on ABC.  (Attention ABC and all other media sources: I am always open to shameless, disgusting sponsorship inserts for very little monetary compensation.  Think about it…the 100 glazed eyeballs viewing this are probably more than FlashForward ever had.)

The premise of the show is that Matthew Perry plays a middle-aged manager of a mediocre sports arena in San Diego.  I know for many of you this idea probably sounds boring or unmemorable, but I’m telling you it could be the breakout series of the year if this idea is handled properly. Click here for the full rundown

The Other Side of the Super Bowl

February 7, 2011 3 comments

This year, I spent the Super Bowl in a dirty living room in Toronto, drinking beer with a half-dozen people who like to watch football, a few who had no idea how the game is played and one hardcore fan-girl from Pittsburgh. She was very, very angry by the end of the day and didn’t appreciate any of the Roethlisberger-is-a-rapist jokes. Life was tough for serious Steelers fans last Sunday.

I’ll leave the analysis of the game to my able colleagues. If I were to offer my opinion on the game, it would be like an autistic person giving dating advice—but here are a few thoughts on Sunday’s entertainment. Read more…