2012 NCAA Bracket Methodology: Experience Matters; Weighted-Average-Experience (WAE)

March 14, 2012 2 comments

As I have written about lately, I feel very strongly that experience matters in basketball. Be it the NBA or the NCAA, the teams that win championships are usually stocked full of very good players who have a wealth of basketball experience.

This is the methodology I have used in picking my bracket for this year’s First Off The Bench Bloggers Cup. Although I think that experience really matter I couldn’t just simply calculate the average of a team’s experience (number of years each player has played college ball) and pick winners based on that; it would be much too simple and wouldn’t work at all, I don’t think. Read more…


NCAA March Madness Methodology – Battle of The Alumni

March 14, 2012 1 comment

And this years winner is……. Burt Reynolds! Yes, seriously, Burt Reynolds wins. Ok well maybe not but the school he once attended is going to win. And that school is Florida State.

I’ve always gotten along well with Texans. You’ve got to.

Ok now to explain where I’m coming from. My methodology last year of using actual basketball stats to try and work some sort of system out. That didn’t go so well. I ended up with a whooping 55 points and a third place finish in our bloggers cup. Thats why this year, I’ve decided to throw basketball skill out the window and do something more interesting. My new methodology is to find famous alumni (or anyone who attended but maybe didn’t quite finish all of their degree) from each school and match them up head to head, who would I rather spend a day with. Its totally irrelevant to basketball but it will find me a sure winner.  Read more…

What Team Will Ex-Colt, Peyton Manning Go To? (pssst, the answer is the Jets!)

March 8, 2012 Leave a comment

Just one year ago, the idea that the Colts would simply release Peyton Manning from their roster, without even a trade, was unfathomable. Well, the unfathomable has happened and it is being considered by some as a savvy business and future-of-the-franchise decision. But who cares about why it happened (multiple neck surgeries and the promise of the next sure-thing in Andrew Luck), what everyone wants to know where the four-time League MVP is going to end up playing (hopefully?) next season.

It has been rumored that a number of teams have shown interest in the older Manning brother, with about six to eight teams being seen as front runners. In reality, if Manning is actually able to come back next year wouldn’t every team in the league be interested in him, minus the Packers, Patriots, Saints, and ….Giants/Steelers?

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Kevin Love – Ricky Rubio SLAM Cover

March 7, 2012 Leave a comment

When I saw this newly released SLAM cover I immediately loved it. As a previous SLAM subscriber around the time when the original Garnett/Marbury cover came out (I guess I was cooler than I thought I was in Jr High) I think this was a genius juxtaposition of the different eras of NBA that I have been through as a fan. From the jewelry to the stone-cold gansta looks to their styles of play, there couldn’t be a bigger contrast between Garnett/Marbury and Love/Rubio. These contrasts work perfectly for general attitudes of the young up-and-coming ballers of that era and this era.

Even though I was a huge Garnett fan back in his Timberwolves days, I am really hoping that Love and Rubio have more success than Garnett and Marbury. Yes, Garnett got to the West Finals that one year and lost to the Lakers, but Marbury didn’t have anything to do with that.

Either way, props to SLAM for shooting this cover. It works, and it is really hard not to be rooting for the T-Wolves this year. They are fun to watch.

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Best of FOTB – Volume 1

March 7, 2012 Leave a comment

In First Off The Bench’s first year, we managed to unleash about 50 articles into the wild. We’re proud of the effort our writers (mostly Matt) put in to keeping the site active, and we’ve enjoyed making a connection with some random sports fans across the globe. Here are our picks for the “essential” articles from Year 1 of FOTB, sorted by author.

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Year 1 of FOTB – Top 5 News Events From a Historical Perspective

March 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Wow, time flies. While I regret not being able to contribute more regularly to FOTB while I chase my dreams in grad school, Matt and the rest of the boys have done a good job at ensuring that this place doesn’t completely go to hell. Kudos to my more regular contributing colleagues on that front.

I would love to say that my absence can partially be attributed to my ongoing protest against Stern for failing to acquiesce to demands of having an NBA franchise back in Vancouver (although, a juicy NBA/NHL combo in Seattle with a hedge-fund owner is just starting to gain rumor momentum that might satisfy my northwest basketball needs), but in reality I won’t be my regular active self until this first year of school mercifully runs its course.

However, it wouldn’t be right to let the day pass without at least acknowledging some of the awesome events that happened in our first year that I felt have some sort of long-term historical significance. And yes, I’m refusing to acknowledge the NBA lockout, because it never happened.

Presenting David’s Top 5 Most Influential Real-Life Moments in Year 1 of FOTB:

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First Off The Bench Podcast: 3-On-3

March 6, 2012 Leave a comment

The First Off The Bench Podcast is back!!

In this episode Matt and David go 3-on-3 with questions about the LeBron, the NBA MVP, the heated dispute between Don Cherry and Brian Burke, concussions in sports and a ton of other topics. Also David drags Matt through a session in word-association.

Check out the podcast through the link below:

March 2012 Podcast

Also, look us up in the iTunes Store by searching “First Off The Bench” and you can listen to and download all of our podcasts.

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