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Year 1 of FOTB – Top 5 News Events From a Historical Perspective

March 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Wow, time flies. While I regret not being able to contribute more regularly to FOTB while I chase my dreams in grad school, Matt and the rest of the boys have done a good job at ensuring that this place doesn’t completely go to hell. Kudos to my more regular contributing colleagues on that front.

I would love to say that my absence can partially be attributed to my ongoing protest against Stern for failing to acquiesce to demands of having an NBA franchise back in Vancouver (although, a juicy NBA/NHL combo in Seattle with a hedge-fund owner is just starting to gain rumor momentum that might satisfy my northwest basketball needs), but in reality I won’t be my regular active self until this first year of school mercifully runs its course.

However, it wouldn’t be right to let the day pass without at least acknowledging some of the awesome events that happened in our first year that I felt have some sort of long-term historical significance. And yes, I’m refusing to acknowledge the NBA lockout, because it never happened.

Presenting David’s Top 5 Most Influential Real-Life Moments in Year 1 of FOTB:

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Fenway Park and The New Yankee Stadium in One Week

July 13, 2011 1 comment

Sunday afternoon at the ball park in New York City

After a few hectic months of wedding planning and an amazing day where I was lucky enough to marry my amazing wife, we took off to our honeymoon. Somewhat knowingly to her, I had a few sports related sites that I wanted to see along the way.

A cruise stop in Boston required a quick blow by Fenway Park and a five-night stay in New York City wouldn’t be complete without attending at least one sporting event. Travelling in June, we had two options, the Yankees or the Mets. Sorry Mets fans, but as a casual baseball fan it was a pretty obvious choice. Read more…