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What Team Will Ex-Colt, Peyton Manning Go To? (pssst, the answer is the Jets!)

Just one year ago, the idea that the Colts would simply release Peyton Manning from their roster, without even a trade, was unfathomable. Well, the unfathomable has happened and it is being considered by some as a savvy business and future-of-the-franchise decision. But who cares about why it happened (multiple neck surgeries and the promise of the next sure-thing in Andrew Luck), what everyone wants to know where the four-time League MVP is going to end up playing (hopefully?) next season.

It has been rumored that a number of teams have shown interest in the older Manning brother, with about six to eight teams being seen as front runners. In reality, if Manning is actually able to come back next year wouldn’t every team in the league be interested in him, minus the Packers, Patriots, Saints, and ….Giants/Steelers?

That aside, the six teams who are being viewed as front runners are the Seattle Seahawks, the Arizona Cardinals, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Denver Broncos, the Miami Dolphins and the Washington Redskins, with two longer shots being the Tennessee Titans and the New York Jets.

I am not too concerned with any of the salary cap implications for these teams. From what I have briefly read it seems like if any of these teams wanted to get Peyton they can makes moves so they could do so.

So let us take a look at what Peyton Manning would bring to the teams in contention:

Peyton Manning 2010 Stats:
– Completion Percentage: 66.2%
– Yards: 4700
– Touch Downs: 33
– QB Rating: 91.9
Seattle Seahawks – Tavaris Jackson 2011 Stats (Manning Comparison):
– Completion Percentage: 60.2% (-6.0%)
– Yards: 3091 (-1609)
– Touch Downs: 14 (-19)
– QB Rating: 79.2 (-12.7)
Arizona Cardinals – Kevin Kolb 2011 Stats (Manning Comparison):
– Completion Percentage: 57.7% (-8.5%)
– Yards: 1955 (-2754)
– Touch Downs: 9 (-24)
– QB Rating: 81.1 (-10.8)
Kansas City Chiefs – Matt Cassel 2011 Stats (Manning Comparison):
– Completion Percentage: 59.4% (-6.8%)
– Yards: 1713 (-2987)
– Touch Downs: 10 (-23)
– QB Rating: 76.6 (-15.3)
Denver Broncos – Tim Tebow 2011 Stats (Manning Comparison): ** Smaller sample size than most
– Completion Percentage: 46.4% (-13.8%)
– Yards: 1729 (-2971)
– Touch Downs: 12 (-21)
– QB Rating: 72.9 (-19)
Miami Dolphins – Chad Henne 2011 Stats (Manning Comparison): ** Only played 4 games but is the assumed starter for 2012
– Completion Percentage: 57.1% (-9.1%)
– Yards: 868 (-3832)
– Touch Downs: 4 (-29)
– QB Rating: 79.0 (-12.9)
Washington Redskins – Sexy Rexy Grossman (Manning Comparison):
– Completion Percentage: 55.9% (-10.3%)
– Yards: 3151 (-1549)
– Touch Downs: 16 (-17)
– QB Rating: 72.4 (-19.5)
Tennessee Titans – Matt Hasselbeck (Manning Comparison):
– Completion Percentage: 61.5% (-4.7%)
– Yards: 3571 (-1129)
– Touch Downs: 18 (-15)
– QB Rating: 82.4 (-9.5)
New York Jets – Mark Sanchez (Manning Comparison):
– Completion Percentage: 56.7% (-9.5%)
– Yards: 3474 (-1226)
– Touch Downs: 26 (-7)
– QB Rating: 78.2 (-13.7)

Ok, so I guess these stats tell us that if Peyton is able to play at anywhere near the level that he did on the 2010 Colts, any of the eight teams listed above will see significant improvements in the quarterback position.

That being said, BY FAR the most exciting place for Peyton Manning to go would be the New York Jets! Think of the story lines.

– His younger brother plays in the same city (the largest city in the USA) and he just won his second Superbowl, surpassing Peyton who only has one.
– He would be in the same division as Tom Brady and the Patriots! Some of the best games in the last 10 years were the playoff matches between Brady and Manning, but if he was playing on the Jets we would be guaranteed 2 games a year just in the regular season!
– He would be playing with a fairly skilled team that floundered with a very average QB who had very high expectations last year.
– He would be playing with Rex Ryan as a coach, which would just be entertaining, that has nothing to do about football.
– And lastly, he would be playing in the biggest media market in the USA and it would just be fun for everyone.

There you go Peyton; I just made the decision really easy for you. Now you don’t have to organize “The Decision 2” with ESPN to announce it to everyone.

We will be seeing “Manning” in green next year.

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