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Best of FOTB – Volume 1

In First Off The Bench’s first year, we managed to unleash about 50 articles into the wild. We’re proud of the effort our writers (mostly Matt) put in to keeping the site active, and we’ve enjoyed making a connection with some random sports fans across the globe. Here are our picks for the “essential” articles from Year 1 of FOTB, sorted by author.


The Issue Between Deron Williams and Jerry Sloan: Sideburns

Qatar World Cup 2022: More in common with Mr. Burns than anyone thought?

The Emotional Hedge Bet

The Solution to Keep NBA Prospects in the NCAA Longer: League Contraction

Carmelo Anthony To The New York Knicks: Did He Handle His Departure In The Most Honourable Way?

Fenway Park and The New Yankee Stadium in One Week

Welcome Back NBA! : Top Ten Reasons to be Happy the Lockout is Over


Full Report Card on Vancouver’s Suitability as an NBA Relocation Option

David’s NCAA Basketball Tournament Methodologies: SRS and Win Shares

The Psychology Behind LeBron and Wade in Crunch Time

Mr. Sunshine and the Upcoming NBA All-Star Game

Friend Fight Round 1: Aaron Rodgers vs. Ben Roethlisberger. Winner captures Super Bowl 2011


The Stage: The Colosseum to Cowboys Stadium

Why I’m Up in the Air with Blake Griffin

Marcus’ NCAA Basketball Tournament Methodology: Battle of the Fiercest Team Names


Loveable Losers. The Oilers, Cavs, Clippers and Many More

Sean’s NCAA Basketball Tournament Methodology: Who Can Stay Cool?

The Edmonton Oilers Are Cursed


Kai’s NCAA Basketball Tournament Methodology: Method? We were supposed to have a method?

The Other Side of the Super Bowl

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