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First Off The Bench has Turned 1-Year Old!

Ok, so I am a little late with the birthday wishes for our blog, as the first post went up on January 31, 2011. Either way, 8 days later, there is cause for celebration.

The delay in this post is a fairly accurate indication of the second half of the year for First Off The Bench. Of the 49 posts we had throughout the year, only 13 were posted after July 1, 2011. Our writers were busy people in the second half of the year with other things like:

– Getting married
– Graduating from high school
– Moving to Toronto/Vancouver
– Starring in commercials and appearing in TV shows
– Attending grad school
– And a plethora of other things.

Regardless, it was a very successful year for the blog. In a year and 8 days we amassed 16,081 views. The most popular of those were:

The Stage: The Colosseum to Cowboys Stadium
Loveable Losers. The Oilers, Cavs, Clippers and Many More
Does The Miami Heat’s Record Against the NBA’s Top Teams Really Matter?
David’s NCAA Basketball Tournament Methodologies: SRS and Win Shares

All of which were viewed over 1,000 times.

So from all of us here at First Off The Bench, thanks for taking the time to check out our blog and hopefully we can still crank out some content every once and a while.

– Matt Townley

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