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Strip Appeal: My Amateur Architectural Attempt

The University of Alberta, through the City-Region Studies Centre, is in the process of judging the entries for “Strip Appeal”, a call for submissions of new design ideas for the common strip mall.

Having zero experience in putting together an architectural design or ever using an architecture program, I thought I would give it a try. I downloaded a free demo version of ArchiCAD, slowly taught myself how to use it (somewhat), and put together a decent reflection of what I was imagining for a redesign. The strip mall I chose to redesign is one close to my house, on the corner of 96 street and 76 avenue, and is currently home to the Blue Chair Café.

Although I thought my idea was more practical than innovative, it definitely was not up to the caliber of some of the other submissions. Of over 100 submissions, 20 were short-listed. Mine was not picked and after attending the gallery of short-listed submissions at the U of A Campus of Extension I understand.

Many of the submissions were very professional and very progressive in their methods of integrating ‘green’ aspects. I still like mine due to the practicality of it as I couldn’t see many real-estate developers investing in some of the architecturally innovative designs that made the short-list. Either way, I wasn’t fully expecting to get short-listed and it was a good learning experience.

Check out a copy of my submission on the link below!

Strip Appeal. Matthew Townley. 96 Street and 76 Avenue

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