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Welcome Back NBA! : Top Ten Reasons to be Happy the Lockout is Over

Just one of the few things I expect to happen now that the NBA is back.

With the seemingly imminent return of the NBA, starting Christmas Day 2011, I would like to quickly rejoice in celebration. In doing so I want to list out the top ten things that I am glad that we, as NBA fans, are NOT going miss out on this year due to the inflated egos of Mr. David Stern and Mr. Billy Hunter. These are things that couldn’t just happening in any NBA season, past or present, and to an extent represent the mass media popularity that has taken the league by storm in the past few years. With massive superstars and TV personalities the NBA has become so much more than just the game that is played on the court and the off-court stuff is what everyone would really lose out on if there was a season ending lockout.

As promised, in no particular order, here are the top ten things that I am glad that we are not going to miss out on this year in the NBA:

Kris Humphries and Lamar Odom: Sadly one of the few sources of televised NBA players this summer was on the reality show Kim & Kris. We all know how that marriage ended but the tensions raised have the potential of spilling over onto the NBA court (Lamar being the brother-in-law to Kris’ newly ex-wife). Granted, neither Kris nor Lamar are the stars of their teams and with Kris’ Nets being in the Eastern Conference and Lamar’s Lakers being in the West, there is no guarantee they will even play each other in a shortened season. Either way, the NBA strives on individual player storylines and this gives NBA pundits more to talk about.

The Raptors actually have to play this season: Despite Raptors’ General Manager Brian Colangelo’s best psychic attempt to predict (hope) that they wouldn’t have to be embarrassed on the court again this year, the NBA is back and so are the Raptors. So why is this middling team with nearly zero up-and-coming young players on my top ten? Because hopefully they will bomb so badly that ownership will finally realize that Colangelo has to go!

Amnesty Clause: If all goes as planned in the final details of the new NBA CBA there will probably be a one-time amnesty clause. This would allow each team to waive one player from their contract (paying them out) and clearing the contract from their cap. It will be pretty intriguing to see how some teams use it and also a blessing for teams like Portland who recently backed a dump truck full of money up to Brandon Roy’s house and unloaded it all on his 97-year-old knees.

The Heat: They are the single greatest thing to happen to the NBA in my ten years of being a devoted fan. No team has ever grabbed the attention of the general population the way LeBron and Co. have down in South Beach and everyone loves to hate these guys. They aren’t going to be in their primes for very long so missing out on a full season of Enemy #1 would be a real shame.

First Lakers/Mavs Game: The Lakers 2011 season ended with Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum throwing cheap shots at the soon-to-be-NBA-champion Dallas Mavericks in a blowout. It should be interesting to see how the champs handle coming in to play the Lakers for the first time. Rub it in? Probably not, Dirk and Co. are too humble, that is why they were the perfect foil for the Heat in the 2011 finals!!

Trade Steve Nash: Last year the “Trade Steve Nash” movement got some real momentum prior to the trade deadline. This year maybe we should change the name to be a bit more with the times. How about “Occupy Steve Nash” or “Occupy Robert Sarver”. Either way, the Suns management should pull the trigger soon on Nash and ship him out of town while they can get some value out of him. It seems best for both parties. Nash still has some years left in him that are going to go to waste meddling in Phoenix instead of contributing to a real team with a chance for a playoff run and the Suns aren’t going to win with Nash, so they should cash out while they can. Nash to the Knicks? I see the fit there.

Dwight Howard as a Laker: Not that I actually want this to happen. I am not a Lakers fan. I am just calling it right now. It seems so obvious and he is destined to screw over the Magic since losing in the finals to the Lakers. Now I just want it to happen because I’m calling it.

Mark Cuban is released from his cage: Throughout most of the 2011 playoffs the owner of the Dallas Mavericks went completely silent in the media. Normally brashly outspoken, Cuban realized that he was actually a distraction to his team. It obviously worked since the Mavs won, but soon thereafter the league went into a lockout and Cuban had to zip the lips back up again. It should be great to hear from the always brash, but now defending champion Mark Cuban all season long.

Shaquille O’Neal: The Big Shamrock has taken the next logical step in his career to become The Big Commentator. Shaq has always been one of the more vocal guys in the media during his playing days and having him and Charles Barkley together on the TNT NBA squad is guaranteed to bring in more highlights than the entire 2011-12 Toronto Raptors season.

Rubio and the Timberwolves: Ok, I guess this one is basketball related, but I kind of just want to get this Ricky Rubio thing over with. He was drafted a few years ago and has played in Spain due to a contract dispute. He had a boatload of hype around him after the 2008 Olympics and I really just want to see him play. Good or bad, let’s get past the Rubio hype.

So those are the top ten thing that I am glad we aren’t missing, because if we had missed the entire season we would still get to see some great stuff in the 2012-13 season like Blake Griffin, Derrick Rose, Carmelo and Amare with the Knicks, Durant and Westbrook, but I don’t think the above storylines would have the same impact if we had to wait another year for the season to start.

Either way, the NBA IS BACK!!!

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  1. Serena
    November 29, 2011 at 11:10 am

    At some point this week I will be starting a conversation about how Steve Nash should head to the Knicks and how Portland should use their Amnesty Clause to pay out that decrepit Brandon Roy character. I will be so learned thanks to you Matt. :). Well written!

  2. November 29, 2011 at 11:34 pm

    Dwight Howard to the Nets, Chris Paul to the Celtics and Rajon Rondo to the Knicks? WHY?! -_- NBA2k12Trade

  1. March 7, 2012 at 7:07 pm

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