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Why I’m Up in the Air with Blake Griffin

I’ll be the first to say Earthquake Blake is overrated.  His game resembles that of a caveman who stumbled across a ball and a hoop, basically his fundamentals are weak is what I’m trying to say.  Barkley seems to be receiving royalties every time he says Griffin doesn’t yet know how to play basketball on television because I alone have heard him say it at least thrice.  So admittedly I steal that notion from him because as overstated as it has become it is incredibly accurate.  The guy operates a hundred percent on pure athleticism and raw talent which is suppose is kind of cool in a way.  However he is not the most athletic guy in the league and I want to put that to rest before I grant him the praise I eventually will.  Hate him or love him Lebron James is easily far and away the most athletic baller in the league right now and perhaps ever.  He jumps higher, handles better, and pushes up more weight guaranteed.  But this will not be an ode to Lebron so let’s move on. 

All this being said Blake is slowly winning me over, one dunk at a time.  In particular the jam he had against the Celtics last week made me get out of my seat real quick.  It was a bad lob from a teammate that made for one of the harder alley-oop jams I’ve ever seen.  The form resembled an Olympic Volleyball player spiking the ball.  Hard.  Check the impressive video.

However let’s get one thing straight, his car dunk in the competition was weak.  The guy is an amazing dunker but it doesn’t take an avid fan to see that he played it safe.  Back that car up a foot and a half and I’ll raise an eyebrow, better yet go over the actual roof of the vehicle, but to simply leap over the hood? Come on.  I’d be willing to bet there’s only a handful of players in the NBA who can’t jump over the front of a cheap KIA, and if you’re going to argue that it was impressive because he got the oop to go with it don’t bother.  Anyone who has ever dunked before will tell you it is easier if you don’t need to take the ball up with you on your own, it is practically how you learn. 

When I saw this dunk happen live I had a feeling of déjà vu and was curious to see if the broadcasters would make the same comparison I was immediately making in my head.  I’m talking about Gerald Green’s winning dunk in the 2007 contest.  Green leaped over not a car but a table doing a windmill dunk in great style to end up victorious.  This dunk was also not the most incredible thing to witness but I guarantee if it had been a shiny hunk of metal with a choir in the background the roof would have come off the arena.  You’ll have to jump to the 5:43 mark on the following video to see what I mean.

I bring this up because if you watch the videos attached you can see that Green leaps from further back than Griffin did, gets just as high, and does a much nicer dunk.  I’m not saying Griffin could not have done this over the car but my point is he played it safe and the whole world overreacted to a very average dunk.  If you don’t believe me compare the videos.  While your at it please notice how badly it looks when Blake Griffin has to put the ball through the hoop with his head practically underneath it because he over-jumped the necessary distance.  Back it up, you can clearly manage it so why not?  Because Kenny “The Jet” Smith is the worst coach you could ever have for this thing and he undoubtedly knew all Blake Griffin had to do was put the ball through the hoop and he would do the rest with his incessant badgering of the crowd to stand up and lose their minds over mediocrity.

This blog started as an attempt to give Must-See-BG his dues but throughout it I suppose I may have reverted back to my initial frustration over the kid’s hype.  Maybe next week he’ll rip the rim clean off and I’ll come around.

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