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Tired of Carmelo

**I originally posted this on my other blog, January 18th. Sadly, it is still relevant.

I am tired of hearing about Carmelo Anthony and his trade rumor drama. I really hope he goes somewhere soon because I don’t think this much time should be wasted talking about a player who isn’t worth the hype. That being said, I really hope he doesn’t go to the New York Knicks (his preferred destination), for a few reasons. One, I don’t think Melo is that good, isn’t a defensive guy, and won’t work with Amar’e Stoudemire. Second, everyone talks about NY so much I would rather have them be decent then the joke of a team they have been in the last few years. It is nice to have all the big market teams (NY, LA, Chicago, Boston) in the mix, and at least making playoffs. But if no one has been watching for the last few years… YOU HAVE TO PLAY INTERIOR DEFENCE to win in the playoffs. Having Amar’e and Melo, while giving up all the Knicks young talent will not give them that. And, is it really worth having 2 very similar players who do the same thing from the same position, albeit they do it very well?

I know everyone said that with Lebron and Wade back when The Decision happened, and it seems to be working out for them now, but from what I have seen they are pretty much taking turns being “the man” while the other one sits on the bench or distributes. It is not both of them going off at the same time. It will be a better measure of how this works come playoff time. I guess Melo and Amar’e are slightly different. Amar’e is more of a back to the rim, pick and roll guy, while Melo is more of a face up shot creator, but still, both of are kind of ball stoppers in the offence.

The argument of the big 3 in Miami vs. the big 3 in Boston comes into play with this Melo/Amar’e situation as well. Everyone said that the big 3 on the heat is the same as what the guys in Boston did. It is different though, based on what I was just talking about (Lebron and Wade doing the same thing). If you look at Boston’s big 3 you have Garnett (intensity, defense, inside finesse game), Piece (pure scorer who can create his own shot off the dribble), and Ray (most ridiculous clutch spot-up three-point shooting that I have seen). They work well together and they aren’t doing the same thing, and I think Melo and Amar’e do too similar of things when they are on the floor.

The Knicks should actually do the smart thing for once. Hold on to young talent, bring in another up-and-coming guy to complement Amar’e (they need a scoring 2 guard and a gronk center) and build from there. I am not saying they are ever going to be dominant, but I would compare them to the Knicks of the ’90s with Ewing and Sparks that went to the Finals. The Chicago Bulls deserve some credit for not getting caught up in the hype of Melo trade talks and turning down a trade that would have stripped them of some great young talent. I think the Cavs represent a good example of what happens when you attempt to surround your superstar with talent immediately instead of being patient and letting talent grow around your superstar; with the Thunder being an example of the latter.

There is also the talk of the Knicks waiting until the summer to pick up Melo and Chris Paul. The thing is, I don’t know if Chris Paul is really worth the money anymore. It sounds like his knee is pretty messed up (Brandon Roy style) and the league is diluted with so many good PGs, a team should be able to pick up someone for a lot less money. Heck, Raymond Felton is doing a pretty good job for the Knicks right now.

So, here is my plea for the Knicks management: As a fan of the NBA with indifference to the Knicks, please don’t kill any of the good management you have concocted in the last year or so by trading everything for Carmelo just because he wants to live in New York. Please, set a good example for the rest of the horribly ran NBA franchises out there, *cough* The Raps *cough*.

  1. February 18, 2011 at 5:06 pm

    Couldn’t agree more. I am so done with Carmelo Anthony right now. Everyone is trying to align their own “Big 3”. That’s great. Eventually it will leave us with 5 teams that are worth watching and a league full of terrible basketball.

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