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Loveable Losers. The Oilers, Cavs, Clippers and Many More

Every year, in all the four main professional sports in North America, there is one team who is leaps and bounds… behind everyone else. The teams from the last two years are as follows: Hockey – Edmonton Oilers(27-47-8), New Jersey Devils so far(16-30-3). Basketball – New Jersey Nets(12-70), Cleveland Cavaliers so far(8-39). Football – St Louis Rams(1-15), Carolina Panthers(2-16) (the worst of the worst came in 2008 when the Detroit Lions went 0-16). Baseball – Washington Nationals(59-103), Pittsburgh Pirates(57-105).

Being an avid Edmonton Oilers fan it pains me to be writing this article. As things sit right now, the Oilers aren’t the worst team in the league (They currently sit 28th, third last). Horay! Out of the basement! But lets be real, they are 3 points out of dead last and are arguably the worst team out there every night. The Oilers record in the ‘Post Ryan Smyth’ era has been a terrible 123-158-32 (.392 winning percent), including a 13 game losing streak spanning over the entire month of January last year. I went to a few games during that streak. Seeing them suck in person was even harder to take then watching on tv. Its been hard to be a fan over these last 3 or so years, but I’ve stayed true to my boys and have done my best to cheer them on. Thankfully for me, and for all Oiler fans, the future looks bright. Young stars Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle, and Magnus Paajarvi have looked good this year, and with defenseman Theo Peckham finally seeming to find his role in the NHL, this team has potential. With a bottom 5 finish most likely in sight for this young Oilers team, the Oilers should have the chance to take another young prospect who will be NHL ready within the next few years and help the club make the jump from up and coming, to legit contender.

This years NBA team that everyone should feel sorry for is the lowly Cleveland Cavaliers. The effect “The Decision” has had on the Cavs is incredible. With their only real star, Lebron James, taking his talents to South Beach this year, the Cavs have fallen. They have fallen hard. They went from the NBA’s top team in 09/10 with 61 wins, to sitting in the basement this season with a pathetic 8 wins thus far. They started out the season with the “we can win without Lebron” attitude, and it worked for the first few games, going 7-9 to start the season. But after being beat down at home against their once beloved King James, the Cavs have only mustered 1 win in the next 2 months. Sadly this team is truly awful and have next to no talent. My hope is that they finish last, get the number one pick in the upcoming draft, have the whole Lebron situation start all over again, and be right back where they are 7 years from now. I don’t think  I’m the only one who would get a good laugh out of it.

Another NBA team I will touch on quickly are the Los Angeles Clippers. Since the team has landed in LA in the ’84-’85 season, the Clips have only had 2 winning seasons and hold, by far, the worst record of any NBA team over that same span of time. They have been cursed over the years by number one overall picks getting serious injuries which have altered their playing futures, arrant draft choices, and poor ownership. I, along with the rest of the sporting world, feared the Clipper Curse had hit again with Blake Griffin but he seems to have recovered fully from his rookie season postponing knee surgery and has become a dunking fiend, leaving no man spared from getting his very own Blake Griffin poster. If the Clips can make a few smart draft choices and a few good free agent pick ups, the Clips may just find themselves out of the Lakers shadow fairly soon. Things are looking up for LA’s little brother team.

Every week in the ’08 season of football, when the scores flashed at the bottom of the screen while watching tsn on sunday nights, you could count on a loss from the Detroit Lions. This was the first year I started to take a serious look at the NFL, starting a few fantasy teams and having my Sunday mornings planned for 17 weeks. It amazed me how in a league with obvious stinkers (Detroit, Cleveland, St Louis and Kansas City to name a few) that one team would be able to go an entire season without one win. Like is it really that tough for a 0-8 team to beat a 1-7 team? Both clearly lack talent, but couldn’t the 0-8 team pull out an ugly win and break the goose egg. It turns out that I was very wrong on judging NFL teams and now know there is tons and tons of work that goes into every game plan. So with a better coaching staff, and one or two better players, that 1-7 team’s odds of winning are looking better and better. But the point I’m trying to get at here is that the Detroit Lions were awful, and now 2 years later, they won 6 games, didn’t finish last in their division, and gave good teams a run for their money. I don’t see them winning the Super Bowl anytime soon but it must be nice for their fans to be able to say their team isn’t the worst in the league and actually have proof to back them up.

The only team I really follow in the MLB is the Toronto Blue Jays, as they are the only Canadian team and many of their games are broadcasted where I live. I’m not a stats expert or a die hard fan or anything like that, I’m probably the most casual baseball fan out there, so therefore this is going to be a casual look at them. I’ve watched a decent amount of games over the past 3 years, and over that time the Jays have been a roller coaster ride of a team. Usually they start the season strong, getting everyone’s hopes up for a good year, slump 2 months in, pick themselves back up, fight for top three in their division then eventually take a back seat to New York, Boston, and recently Tampa Bay and finish 3rd or 4th, only being able to trump the Baltimore Orioles. I’m usually never too upset when this happens because the ride is an enjoyable one for me as a fan. This last year was by far the most fun to watch, mainly because of Jose Bautista’s crazy home run out put and the Jay’s ability to hit double digit points on many nights. It seemed every night the highlight package would always include a few jacks from the Jay’s. I don’t really know if they have any prospects coming up that are going to be the next big thing, but I hope the Jay’s can pull their act together over these next few years and win a division race or at least make the playoffs. I think that’s what all Blue Jay fans are feeling right now though. Either way, go Jays.

There is always going to be that one team that is just flat out bad every year, so it feels good to watch them get high draft picks or make a few smart trades and grow into contenders. Some teams I can think of over the past 5 years are the Chicago Blackhawks, Washington Capitals, Oklahoma City Thunder, Boston Celtics, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New Orleans Saints, and the Tampa Bay Rays. Every day I sit at home and hope the Edmonton Oilers could magically turn into contenders but I know it won’t happen over night. For all the other fans out there who’s favorite team is terrible, just remember, things will get better, it’s just going to take a little time.

  1. Cassie
    February 1, 2011 at 5:28 pm

    The thing I find most painful is remembering back to the 2006 playoff run, and much fun it was. It was like my entire life revolved around when the next game was. I was one of the people lucky enough to go to a few games, and honestly the energy was really something else. It can be really disheartening to watch them lose, but at least when they get good again (and I really think they will within the next 5 years) we can say we stuck with them and are not “fair weather” fans.

  2. Rhonda
    February 1, 2011 at 8:37 pm

    Being around when the Oilers were the best team in the league might make it even harder to watch knowing that a bunch of fans sitting there have never seen them win! There are sparks of hope in our new guys, but what worries me is that we will just get them to the level we would like them and then they’ll leave…It’s even harder for Edmonton, in that both our professional teams are in the dumper…the Eskimos have been a solid team in the past as well…I guess you can say we are a city with people “full of character”…cause if you are a sports fan, it’s all we have left!

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